Programme Creation & Development

Over the last fifteen years we have helped grant makers give away millions of pounds to well deserving causes, covering both small and large grants. You might want to make one off donations, donations over multiple years; you might want to pay for special projects or provide core funding to support the costs of running a charity. Whatever it is, we can design and create the right programme for you. CCWorks can work with you to create your new grant programme or develop your existing one. Our services include:

  • Review and analysis of existing programmes and recommending areas of improvement
  • Undertake research with existing funders and voluntary sector to assess the current need and any gaps in the current provision
  • Development of policies in line with GDPR and charity commission requirements
  • Creation of grant criteria and application process
  • Draft wording for online application form/s and website
  • Pilot of programme (to test response, outcomes and processes)
  • Set-up of database - we use several different online databases depending on the type of grant applications process and volume of applicants
  • Creation of evaluation and outcome reporting process