Our Story

CCWorks is an award-winning Community Investment Consultancy, expert in supporting companies wanting to engage more effectively with their community. We have experience of developing and evaluating pilot programmes, through to designing and implementing large scale national programmes over multiple years.

We’ve been supporting companies and charities since 2004 and in that time have worked with some of the UK’s largest employers, corporate foundations and many charities big and small. We love taking the time to understand what our clients wish to do, whether it’s developing a skilled volunteering programme nationally or helping them lighten the load of programme management by taking on the administration that can prevent them from growing their engagement with the local community.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, quick to understand the issues and able to develop cost effective programmes that meet the needs of all stakeholders. We understand the importance of data collection and analysis and have developed systems that can provide detailed insight, ensuring programmes improve over time. We take data seriously and are cyber essential accredited, meaning you can trust us to take the best care of your information.

In the last year alone, we successfully connected over 6000 volunteers with more than 400 charities.

Put simply we act as a bridge between companies and charities to get the best out of their partnerships.