Strategy and programme development Working with your key internal stakeholders to analyse your vision, build a strategy to support it and provide exciting opportunities and options to achieve it. Our experience of the Community Investment Sector delivers a breadth of knowledge of successful programmes and will help to identify your key desired outcomes and design a programme to ensure these are achieved.

Our work with Pfizer the world’s leading pharmaceutical company, to develop their award-winning programme, Healthy Communities, is one example of our end-to-end services.


"We chose to work with CCWorks rather than one of the large volunteering consultancies as we believed they could deliver our pilot, were flexible in their approach and client-focused. Working with them was a great experience and they delivered in all areas"
Patricia Wheway, Project Manager
, Tesco
"CCWorks are very well tuned in to the voluntary sector both locally and nationally, which helps Pfizer achieve its mission of improving health and well-being in the community"
Kevin Charles, Public Affairs Manager
, Pfizer UK
"CCWorks customer service has been brilliant, they understand our needs and how to meet them, and I find them easy to work with "
Sheralee Morris, Community Relations Senior Manager
, Santander