Features & Benefits

Community ODM has been designed specifically to enable you to manage your community investment programmes efficiently and effectively, whilst at the same time allowing your employees a simple and user-friendly means of accessing and managing their community involvement activity.

Community ODM's three main modules are employee volunteering, payroll giving and match funding. Due to the modular nature of the system, new areas can easily be added such as Charity of the Year, small grants programmes, green travel and office recycling. Community ODM has been designed to enable you to alter the software yourself, ensuring it is future proof. Furthermore, its flexible in-built report builder allows you to measure and report on your community investment activity, helpful for feeding into community investment benchmarks.

Community ODM enables employees to apply for and manage their charitable activity online, thus eliminating duplicate data entry by community investment, human resources or payroll departments.

Community ODM has been designed to meet all the needs of the busy CCI Manager. It includes the following tools:

  • Designer
    This flexible tool enables trained system administrators to add, update and delete fields, screens and reports as necessary, also to brand and highlight flagship CCI activities. There is no reliance on expensive bespoke programming changes representing good value for money as the system can grow and adapt with your organisation.
  • Report Builder
    The system allows organisations to create and customise report templates to meet any changing reporting requirements of stakeholders. Easy to use outcome monitoring is built in; the impact of CCI can be measured.
  • Currently configured with 3 modules
    • Volunteering
      • Searchable database to upload and manage volunteering opportunities, employees can then easily search to find an opportunity to suit them.
      • Employees can apply for a volunteering opportunity outlining goals they want to achieve
      • Employee feedback is easily recorded and reports setup to measure the impact on employees across the org
      • Impact can also be recorded against the charity opportunity and impact on charities reported
    • Match Funding
      • Employees can apply for match funding within a few clicks
      • Organisations can then process the application through the various stages
      • Match Funding reports can show a funding breakdown for any time period
    • Payroll Giving
      • Employees manage their instructions with the ability to change these at any time
      • Organisations can easily export altered instructions to pass to payroll
      • All information captured can be reported to gain an understanding of such figures as value given by charity and so on.
    • Additional modules can easily be added throughout the configuration process, thereafter trained system administrators can add and change modules and reports as required.
  • Report Centre
    This is the area where you can run customised reports, filter, export reports as .CSV files and save frequently run reports.
  • Access and Permissioning
    Your organisation has the ability to limit access to data and screens by whatever criteria suits it.
  • Virtual Office
    You can manage discussion forums, user bulletins, file and document library.

Community ODM's secure web-based technology allows for you and your employees to use it from any Internet connection in the world, using a secure password, without requiring any new hardware, software or expensive technical staff.

Employee User Tools:

  • My ODM
    With simple navigation and clear screens, employees are given the ability to apply for and manage their volunteering, payroll giving, match funding and any other CCI activity online.
  • Virtual Office
    Access to personal messaging, discussion forums, user bulletins, file and document library and calendar, enabling the CCI Manager to stimulate and direct employee engagement.

You can be secure in the knowledge that over 6000 organisations in the UK and USA already rely on the ODM. The software is developed in the USA by Community TechKnowledge and The Gallery Partnership is their UK Partner.

Community ODM is a configured version of ODM and is hosted by The Gallery Partnership Ltd in the UK on their secure servers.

Your data is safely stored in a special data centre providing high levels of data and network security with protection against fire and natural disasters.

Our servers are protected by network firewalls and the latest internet security. They are backed up twice daily to prevent any data loss.

Our pricing depends on a number of factors, but broadly the price is based on the operational needs and budget of the company, and the number of required users.

The pricing consists of three elements: a one-off set up charge, monthly support and hosting charges, and an annual licence fee. Our prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden extras.

Flexible payment arrangements are available.

"It’s useful to have all the necessary information on one site. It is quick and easy for Santander staff to search for projects, with drop-down menus for further details. It is simple for the Santander administrator to track how many people have reserved and completed the volunteering projects. You can also upload photos of the completed projects, and the feedback forms allow Santander to report on the activities that have been completed "
Sheralee Morris, Community Relations Senior Manager
, Santander
"I would recommend Community ODM to other companies as it is a great way of engaging colleagues in community activity. It is simple to use, easy to access from any location, and provides a hub of information on all our community activity "
Kevin Charles, Public Affairs Manager
, Pfizer UK
"I would definitely recommend CCWorks. I am delighted with the service and their extensive experience of running volunteering programmes "
Sheralee Morris, Community Relations Senior Manager
, Santander