Pfizer - Healthy Communities Programme

Engaging colleagues in community activities has been a core tenet of Pfizer’s policy since the company first began operating in Sandwich, Kent, more than fifty years ago.

Working in partnership

CCWorks supported the BITC award-winning Pfizer Healthy Communities programme for
six years, providing strategic direction and well as comprehensive back office support.

In addition to match funding, payroll giving and staff fundraising, Pfizer encourages its employees to
share their skills and expertise with local voluntary organisations. Pfizer’s ‘Reaching Out’
Volunteering Programme, which it created in partnership with CCWorks, allows employees to take up
to five days’ paid leave a year to work on a range of community projects. CCWorks provides Pfizer
with a community helpline for employees and community organisations handling over 2,000 written,
e-mail and telephone enquiries annually.

Kevin Charles, Public Affairs Manager at Pfizer is impressed by CCWorks’ professionalism.
“CCWorks have contributed to the success of the Healthy Communities programme because of
their extensive experience. They are very well tuned in to the voluntary sector both locally and
nationally, which helps Pfizer achieve its mission of improving health and well-being in the
community. Furthermore their ability to get the job done takes a great weight off my shoulders.”

Making community engagement easier

Pfizer used the Community ODM online database system to manage the volunteering, match funding
for staff fundraising and payroll giving elements of its programme. Pfizer worked very closely with
CCWorks to configure the Community ODM to meet its needs and brand identity. CCWorks also
sourced over two hundred local individual and team volunteering opportunities for the in-built
searchable database.

Pfizer is clear about its reasons for choosing Community ODM. “I would recommend Community
ODM to other companies as it is a great way of engaging colleagues in community activity. It
is simple to use, easy to access from any location, and provides a hub of information on all
our community activity,”
says Kevin Charles. The Community ODM was launched in March and
within six weeks nearly 20% of staff used the site, half of these being first-time users of the
community programme. The Community ODM has been rolled out across Pfizer's UK business,
providing access for colleagues at its R&D headquarters in Sandwich, commercial headquarters in
Walton Oaks, Surrey, and for field-based colleagues throughout the UK.

Another key benefit to Pfizer is the system’s comprehensive reporting capability, which allows the
administrator to access reports easily and thus demonstrate the value of the community programme.
Pfizer’s decision to use Community ODM was also based on the system’s capability to grow
organically as its community programme develops. As Kevin Charles concludes, “It simply makes
community engagement easier.”

"We chose to work with CCWorks rather than one of the large volunteering consultancies as we believed they could deliver our pilot, were flexible in their approach and client-focused. Working with them was a great experience and they delivered in all areas"
Patricia Wheway, Project Manager
, Tesco
"CCWorks are very well tuned in to the voluntary sector both locally and nationally, which helps Pfizer achieve its mission of improving health and well-being in the community"
Kevin Charles, Public Affairs Manager
, Pfizer UK
"CCWorks customer service has been brilliant, they understand our needs and how to meet them, and I find them easy to work with "
Sheralee Morris, Community Relations Senior Manager
, Santander